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How to measure:

Get a soft tape measure and stand in front of the mirror.

1. Measure in a horizontal line under the bust in inches.

This is your band measurement.

2. Measure in a horizontal line across the fullest part of the bust in inches.

Subtract this measurement from your band measurement. Use the chart below to find your cup size.


*After you find your cup size, you may need to round your band measurement to the nearest 2 inch increment. For example, a measurement of 35 will need to be rounded to 34 or 36. I recommend making sure the measurement is snug and then rounding up.

*It's really important that the measuring tape is horizonal around your body, otherwise the measurement will be too big
. Confirm in the mirror that the measuring tape is horizontal to the floor.

*When you measure under the bust, put the tape measure directly under where your breast tissue starts, not further down. You may need to lift your breasts and place the tape measure underneath.

*This sizing guide gives you a place to start but it may not be 100% accurate. Bras are like jeans: each brand can do their sizing a bit differently and each model within a brand can fit differently.


UK/US Cup Sizing:
*At Corseteria Coco we mostly use French cup sizing. Use the table below to convert between our size and the UK/US cup sizes. Notice that up until D cup, all three sizing systems are the same. 

Confused about your size?
The different sizing systems used in different countries and with different manufacturers makes sizing incredibly confusing and by no means standard. Make an appointment for a fitting and I will help you find your correct size. 

Bra Band Conversion Table

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